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Des and Jess first dance to their custom love song

"My Rock" - Wedding Song for Des and Jess

“Tom helped me create my first dance song.. After a couple of long years for my new wife after having two lots of brain surgery this maid our big day amazing… Tom helped me so much.. was never pushy and listened to why I needed our song to be as it was.. massively recommended”

– Des


"Rest of my Days" -
Wedding Song

This couple wanted something stripped back and fun! There's some super quirky lyrics and and catchy chorus that makes this song work really well for their wedding.


"Call You My Own" - Wedding Song

This bride-to-be contacted us to help create a personalized song about her relationship that has been 23 years in the making! She will surprise her partner with this song at their wedding reception.


"Stand By You"
- Wedding Song

This beautiful song tells the story of two amazing woman who have both gone through some tough times and are now going to spend the rest of their lives together.


"My Wife" - Wedding Song

This song was written as a surprise for the bride. Tom worked with the groom to write a song that really spoke to his soon-to-be wife and all the challenges she had overcome in her life. The song got played for the first dance when everyone was expecting some popular ballad. The energy in the room was full of emotion, wow!


"In My Brothers Arms"
- Wedding Song

This song was written as a gift for the groom from his brother. Since the grooms brothers mean so much to him, Tom wrote a powerful song that brought his 3 brothers and family closer together. This was played as a surprise during the speeches and the whole wedding party were in tears by the end of it!


"Weather The Storm" - Cancer Survivor Song

This song was written as a gift for a breast cancer survivor to help her through the toughest time in her life. The lyrics are full of encouragement and hope to help inspire her to keep fighting. She did and she won!


"Heartstrong" - Beating Depression/Addiciton Song

This song was written as a gift to help someone struggling with depression and addiction, to inspire then and motivate them to stay 'Heartstrong'. It certainly helped and now they're fully recovered. Whenever they feel down and out, this song has the power to bring them back around.

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