If you’re reading this, chances are you’re knee-deep in wedding planning. While you’re busy picking out flowers and tasting cakes, let’s talk about something that can make your big day truly unforgettable—a custom love song.

The perfect occasion for a couple to dance to their custom song

So What Exactly is a Custom Love Song?

custom love song is what you get when we take your personal love story and transform it into a professionally crafted personalised song with meaningful lyrics, timeless melodies and beautiful instrumental arrangements.

We think this is one of the most unique ways to add an extra layer of magic to your wedding day. Instead of using a popular love song that you’ve probably heard at your friends’ weddings, this song will tell your story in a way that no other song can.

But don’t just take our word for it, here’s some custom song stories from our lovely clients.

Real Stories from Real Couples

Chances are you’re pretty new to the idea of a custom song. They can be used as the perfect gift to surprise your partner which is exactly what Debbie did with her song, or you can work together with your partner throughout the process to make sure you don’t miss any important details, which is what Teri and Chris did.

Now, let’s dive into some heartwarming stories of couples who chose to go the custom route with a personalised song for their big day. We’ll include full previews of their custom songs below.

Custom Song Story #1

How Debbie Surprised Her Partner

Debbie came to us through one of our advertisements and on our initial call together she revealed her plans to surprise her partner on their wedding day with a personalised song gift. She is a music therapist (yup they exist!) and her partner was a music teacher and musician, so this seemed to be the perfect gift.

You can see how happy she was when she heard her song for the first time on a zoom call!

Teri and Chris love their custom song, it's the perfect gift

Here's what she had to say about her song:

Listen to Debbie's Song "Call You My Own"

Custom Song Story #2

Teri and Chris Worked Together to Create a Fun Quirky Song

Teri and Chris having their first dance to their custom song

While we were exhibiting at a wedding fair in the UK, a curious couple approached to ask about how the personalised song process works. They were one of the few couples who had heard about personalized songs before through their instagram feed, but they didn’t really want to give over their hard earned money to a random company and trust them to create their first dance song without speaking to someone first.

We interview all our interested couples first so we know exactly what you want before getting to work. Anyhow, Teri and Chris listened to one of our songs at the exhibition and they loved the stripped back acoustic vibe and beautiful vocals. It was the perfect match, so they shared their quirky love story with us and started the process.

Here's what she had to say about her song:

Listen to Teri and Chris' Song "Rest of my Days"

Custom Song Story #3

Scott Surprised His Partner With a Custom Song for Their First Dance

Scott is a friend of the family and heard that our songwriter, Tom, was writing and producing custom songs for weddings. He wanted a beautiful song that would show how much he loved his wife-to-be. He had never heard of a custom song before, but once we discussed the process and shared some of our songs with him, he knew it would be an unforgettable gift.

Luckily our songwriter and producer Tom Shaw received an invite to their wedding and was able to not only capture the moment when the song got played for their first dance, he interviewed a handful of wedding guests to get their feedback on the experience. We’ve included a compilation of guest interviews below, along with a clip from the groom and bride dancing to their unique song.

Watch as the groom surprises his new wife with their custom song

Here's what the bride, groom and wedding guests had to say about their song

Listen to Scott and Charlottes' Song "My Wife"

We don’t charge extra for edits because we want you to be 100% happy with the final version of your song. We’re not happy until you’re happy.

How Custom Songs Work - The 4 Step Process

1. Listening to Your Story

Our artist and songwriter Tom listening to a client share their story

We interview you to learn about your story, discussing experiences, emotions, and memories to gather the details we need to start crafting your song for that special someone.

2. Turning Your Story into a Song Perfectly

Tom working on the music for a new client song

Our talented songwriters will transform your story into a beautiful song, we take care of the lyrics and backing instrumentation and create the first demo. This is then your opportunity to give your feedback and ensure the final result truly captures your story for such a special occasion.

3. Bringing Your Demo Alive with Professional Production

Working in the studio on a Custom song for a special occasion

Once you’re happy with the demo, we move on to the production stage with the goal of creating the perfect song for you. Depending on the package you choose, this may include recording with our talented musicians, adding percussion, strings, or a full band arrangement to your song.

4. Final Touches on your Personalised Song

Tom Shaw working on personalized songs

After production, your song will be mixed and mastered, ensuring the highest quality possible. It will sound as good as anything you hear on Spotify, guaranteed. You’ll then receive your custom song, ready to be played and cherished for years to come, or as the perfect gift to your partner.

Ready to Make Your Wedding Unforgettable With the Perfect Song?

Couple dancing at their wedding

So, are you ready to make your wedding day even more special? Personalised song gifts are one of the most meaningful gifts you can give your loved ones. Whether you’re planning to surprise your partner with a personalised gift, or you’re going to work together to create something beautiful, we’d love to hear from you.

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