Organizing a wedding is a massive undertaking, especially if you’re aiming for a celebration that’s as one-of-a-kind as your romance. So, how do you add that extra special touch? Enter custom love songs. You read that correctly! Let’s explore why this is becoming the go-to wedding trend across the UK.

In this article we share how we turn your idea into the perfect song for your wedding day and share examples of the personalized songs we’ve written for our newly-wed clients.

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The Process of Creating an Unforgettable Custom Song for Your Wedding

Tom Shaw in the studio working on personalised song gifts

Whether you’re just discovering the concept of a custom song or you’re already on the hunt for a songwriter, understanding the entire process can be incredibly helpful. We make the process super simple for you, while our team works tirelessly to transform your love story into a professionally crafted personalised song.

Step 1 - Discovering Your Love Story

A songwriter creating an unforgettable memory for a couple as he writes their love song

Once you’ve committed to working with us (more on how to order your custom song below) the first step is all about discovering your unique love story. We send you over a list of questions asking about how you both met, what what your first date like, if there’s any funny quirks you’d like to mention, what do you love most about your partner and much more. Everything you share with us is 100% confidential and there’s no wrong answers. It’s our job to take your answers and turn them into lyrics.

We’ll also inquire about your musical tastes, favourite artists, and any songs you’d like your custom song to resemble. Whether you’re leaning towards a slow ballad or something with a bit more energy, this information helps us nail down the perfect vibe for your song.

Step 2 - Writing the First Draft of your Lyrics

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Once we receive your answers we get to work right away. Our songwriter Tom Shaw will take the answers your send over and draft out a rough version of the lyrics for your review. we want to make sure we tell your story in a way that captures the essence of your relationship. This is also your opportunity to request any changes to the lyrics so you’re 100% happy with everything.

It might be hard to imagine what your song will sound like at this stage, but don’t stress, so long as you’re happy with the direction we’re heading, we can move onto the next step where we turn your lyrics into a beautiful song.

Step 3 - Creating Your First Love Song Demo

Tom working on a love song as the perfect gift

This is the magical moment when your love song truly takes shape. For the first time, you’ll hear your lyrics set to music. We write the chords and infuse your words into memorable, timeless melodies, producing an initial acoustic demo featuring either piano or guitar. Your demo will come complete with top-tier vocals to add that professional shine your custom love song.

Our clients often shed happy tears when they listen to their custom song for the first time. So don’t be surprised if the water-works get turned on, this means the song is really touching you emotions and will make for an unforgettable gift on your wedding day.

Step 4 - Adding More Instruments to Create Totally Unique Song

Tom in the studio recording vocals for a personalised gift song

If you’re someone who really loves that stripped-back vibe you’d have likely signed up for our “Acoustic Package”. So if that’s the case we wouldn’t add any more instrumentation to your song and progress to the next step.

But if you wanted to go all-in and have us turn your acoustic demo into an epic masterpiece then you’d go for our “Full Production Package”. This gives us the opportunity to add percussion, electric guitars, violins, cellos, bass and backing vocals. We really go to town to maximize the emotional impact of your song. Hopefully you won’t need another custom wedding song, so why not have make it the best it can be?

Your feedback is critical throughout this process and you’ll be given multiple updates with opportunities to make changes as you wish.

Step 5 - Polishing Your Song to Give it That Professional Sound

Tom Shaw in the studio working on polish his clients custom songs

Our goal is to create the perfect song for your special occasion, so in this part of the process we make sure your song stands up in quality to your songs by your favourite artists. We won’t bore you with all the technical things we do here, but just know that your song is getting taken care of by producers who have worked under the watchful eye of Grammy winners.

Step 6 - Listening to Your Finished Custom Song For the First Time!

A client listening to their beautiful song for the first time

The moment is finally here. After countless hours of work from our team, you now get to listen to final version of your custom song! Since you’ve been involved in the process from start to finished the song you already know what it’s going to sound like, but still, all our client are over-the-moon with their finished song.

Our Packages: Full Production VS Acoustic

We’ve just shared with you the entire process we go through to create custom songs for our lovely clients. We make sure you’re happy every step of the way. When you decide to work with us, you have two packages to choose from, either a ‘Full-Production Package’ or an ‘Acoustic Package’.

Here's a Short Video Comparing Both Package

Full Production Package

Here’s what you get when you sign up for a custom song on our Full Production Package:

Here's One of Our Full Production Songs Called "My Rock"

What Des Had to Say About His Custom Song

“Tom helped me create my first dance song.. After a couple of long years for my new wife after having two lots of brain surgery this maid our big day amazing… Tom helped me so much.. was never pushy and listened to why I needed our song to be as it was.. massively recommended”

– Des

Acoustic Package

Here’s what you get when you sign up for a custom song on our Acoustic Package;

Here's One of Our Acoustic Songs Called "Rest of My Days"

What Teri & Chris Had to Say About Their Song

Teri and Chris love their custom song, it's the perfect gift

“It’s an emotional attachment to a song that no-one else will have that emotional attachment to. It’s extremely unique and definitely worth it.”

– Teri and Chris

How to Order Your Custom-made Personalised Song

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If you want to surprise your partner with the perfect gift or you decide to work together, the next step to getting started with your custom song is to simply book an initial consultation call. We don’t ‘buy now’ links on our website because it’s important that we speak with you so we can understand exactly what you’re looking for and decide what package would be the best fit.

We know some of the other custom song providers you may have come across don’t allow you to speak directly to their songwriters, but we feel it’s important you get to meet the musician responsible for transforming your love story into a custom song.

You can click here to order your custom love song, or tap the yellow button at the bottom of the page to start the process of booking a call.

How Much Does a Custom Song Cost?

You’re no doubt wondering how much does it cost to create a custom song. So let’s put this in context. If you were to hire a songwriter, session musicians, pro vocalist, recording studio time, mixing and mastering services and lyric video animation, you’d be looking at at least £4000.

We’re not going to charge you close to that. Both packages start with an easy £99 deposit and we then structure the payments to fit your budget. Our ‘Acoustic Package’ is just 8 X £99 payments and our ‘Full Production Package’ is 18 X £99 payments.

How Long Does a Custom Song Take to Finish?

Usually our clients start working with us at least 90 days before their wedding. This ensures they have enough time to complete the questions we need answering and gives us plenty of time for the writing and production of your custom song, including any edits you request.

We don’t just knock our your song in an hour or two over some pre-recorded instrumental. Our songwriters and musicians put in hours of hard work to make your song the best it can be. Every love story is special and unique and we make sure it gets the care and attention it deserves.

So from the moment we receive your answers we can get get to work on your first demo and have that for your within 7-10 days, with the goal of having your song and have your song completed in as little as 15-30 days.

How To Get Started With Your Custom Song Today

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If you’re ready to make your wedding day even more special, click the button below to book your initial consultation with one of our songwriters and start the journey of creating your very own custom song today!