There is an undeniable charm in a gift that is both personal and unique. A gift that is a testament to thoughtfulness, time, and effort. Among such unique gifts, personalized songs stand out as an extraordinary choice.

It’s not just a melody, it’s a story — your story, woven into lyrics and wrapped in the warmth of music. It’s the perfect gift to express love, gratitude, and every emotion that words alone cannot encapsulate.

Custom Songs are Trending

Writing the lyrics to a custom song as the perfect gift

Custom made songs are a modern trend, an innovative way of immortalizing memories, feelings, and milestones. They are a unique blend of creativity and personal touch, a gift that resonates with emotions and stands the test of time. In the realm of personalized tokens, customized songs are the lyrically eloquent epitome of thoughtfulness.

As we embark on this melodic journey, let’s explore the world of personalized songs. I’ll guide you through the process of selecting the best custom song company, understanding the benefits, and how to get started with your custom song.

What are Custom Made Songs?

Before we delve into the process and benefits, it’s essential to understand what custom made songs truly are. Essentially, a custom song is a unique composition created specifically for you or your loved ones. It’s a musical masterpiece that beautifully captures your feelings, experiences, and memories.

Custom songs can vary widely, from a romantic ballad for your partner to a lively tune for a family reunion. The best custom song company takes into account your specific requirements, your story, and the sentiments you wish to express, creating a song that is as unique as your fingerprint.

Benefits of a Beautiful Custom Song

A custom song offers numerous benefits, making it an exceptional gift choice.

#1 - Personalization

Firstly, it’s personalized. This means it’s specifically designed to reflect your emotions, experiences, and the personality of the recipient. This level of personalization makes it a gift that is both unique and heartfelt.

#2 - Timeless

Secondly, a custom song is timeless. While physical gifts may wear out over time, a song remains fresh and evocative, its melody resonating with your memories and emotions. Every time you or your loved one listens to it, they are transported back to the moment, the feeling, the memory that inspired the song.

#3 - Versatile

Finally, a custom song is versatile. It can be used for various occasions – birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, or just to express love and gratitude. It transcends the barriers of language and culture, making it a universally appealing gift.

How Does a Custom Song Service Work?

If you’re wondering how a custom song service works, it’s a simple yet fascinating process. You begin by sharing your story, the emotions you wish to express, and any specific details you want included in the song.

Based on this information, the songwriters create a unique song that perfectly captures your sentiments.

The best custom song companies have a team of expert songwriters and musicians who collaborate to create your masterpiece.

Guitar player working on sample songs for his client

They understand the nuances of different music genres and can create a song that aligns with your preferences, whether it’s a soulful ballad or an upbeat pop number.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Custom Song Service

Choosing a custom song service requires careful consideration. It’s essential to look at their experience, the quality of their work, and their process.

It’s also important to understand their approach to customer service and their ability to understand and translate your emotions into music.

Consider the diversity of their portfolio. The best custom song company will have experience across different music genres and be able to adapt to your unique requirements.

Couple just got married in garden listening to their first dance song lyrics

Additionally, consider the testimonials and reviews from previous customers. This will give you an insight into their reliability and the quality of their service.

Top Companies in the Personalized Song Industry

There are several top companies in the personalized song industry, each with their unique strengths and offerings. Each company has its style and approach to creating custom songs, so it’s essential to find one that resonates with your preferences and expectations. Here’s a handful of the more popular services out there.


You might be familiar with Songfinch. They offer songs at $199, complete with a hassle-free guarantee. This includes a complimentary revision and a swift completion time of under seven days.

Songfinch’s proposition is appealing; however, direct interaction with the songwriter is not possible. Further, the scope for revisions is limited to just one, and there’s no option for adding extra instruments.

If you’re in search of a more tailored musical experience for a significant occasion like a wedding, a more customized service might be preferable.


Songlorious differentiates itself by allowing customers to hear a preview of their song after paying only 30% of the total cost. Expect to receive your track within six days, complete with unlimited MP3 downloads, the lyrics, and a personal note from the artist explaining the song’s genesis.

Much like Songfinch, Songlorious also restricts revisions to a single instance and doesn’t facilitate direct communication with the songwriter or the addition of extra instrumentation.

What is Different About Us?

Tom Shaw playing a song created for a first dance

What sets us apart from other companies in the industry is our commitment to creating truly personalized songs that capture the essence of your emotions and experiences. We believe in the power of music to convey feelings, and our goal is to create a song that resonates with your heart.

We have a diverse team of experienced songwriters and musicians who collaborate to bring your story to life in the form of a beautiful custom song. We pride ourselves on our customer-centric approach, taking the time to understand your story and your vision for the song.

Your song starts with a consultation, where you share your love story, your memories, and your vision for the song. This is the stage where you let your creativity flow, where you paint a picture of your love story with words and emotions.

Who is Tom Shaw?

Tom Shaw close up photo as he plays air piano for the perfect song

Tom Shaw is our lead songwriter and producer, and alongside his team of top tier professionals we offer a unique and engaging approach to creating personalized love songs, starting at just £99/month. Our method is all about working closely with you to bring out your individual story and the exact mood you’re looking for.

Unlimited Revisions

You’ll have the advantage of unlimited revisions, ensuring that every lyric and every note in the demo recording aligns precisely with your vision. The end result? A song featuring professional vocals from a top-tier singer and a production quality that stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the hits you hear on Spotify.

The Best Choice for Your Special Occasion

Bridge reading a personal message from her wedding day gift

We’re known for his ability to craft a wide range of custom love songs, making us a prime choice for your wedding song. You can listen to some of the songs we’ve created right below.

You also have options with us: choose between an Acoustic Package for a beautifully simple and stripped-back song, or go all out with the Full Production Package, which includes an array of additional instruments, backing vocals, a lyric video, and much more.

The Process of Creating Your Personalized Song

Creating your personalized song is a journey we undertake together. We start with a consultation where we discuss your story, your emotions, and your vision for the song. This helps us understand what you want to convey through the song and the kind of melody that would best suit your narrative.

Next, our team of songwriters and musicians collaborates to create a song that captures your sentiments beautifully. We keep you involved throughout the process, taking your feedback and making revisions to ensure the final song is a perfect reflection of your emotions.

Here’s our process in more detail.

Step 1 - Writing the First Draft of your Lyrics

Writing lyrics for the perfect song as the best gift

After your initial consultation, our songwriter, Tom Shaw, crafts a first draft of your lyrics. This stage is collaborative, ensuring the words resonate with your story.

Step 2 - Creating Your First Song Demo

Vocalist doing an amazing job recording vocals

Here, your words find their melody. We design chords and melodies, presenting an acoustic demo with either piano or guitar, accompanied by professional vocals. Many clients are moved to tears upon hearing their beautiful song come together for the first time.

Step 3 - Adding More Instruments to Create a Unique Song

Full band recording the best custom song as a great gift

For those who prefer simplicity, our “Acoustic Package” keeps the song stripped-back. However, if you’ve opted for the “Full Production Package,” we elevate your demo with instruments like electric guitars, violins, and more, amplifying its emotional depth.

Throughout the whole process, we seek your feedback, ensuring the song aligns with your story.

Step 4 - Polishing Your Song for a Professional Sound

Beautiful studio where we finish our custom songs

Our goal is to do an amazing job, and we’re committed to delivering a song that rivals mainstream hits. While the technicalities might be intricate, rest assured that seasoned producers, mentored by Grammy winners, are refining your track.

Custom Songs for Weddings We've Created

Over the years, we’ve had the privilege of creating numerous custom songs for weddings. Each song is a unique testament to the love story of the couple, capturing their journey and their hopes for the future.

Click here to read more about our client stories.

First Dance Song: Call You My Own

First Dance Song: Rest of My Days

First Dance Song: My Wife

Why a Custom Song is the Perfect Gift for Your Loved One

Couple on a call discussing their song lyrics for their custom song

A custom song is the perfect gift for your loved one because it’s more than just a gift; it’s a testament to your love, a melody that captures your shared memories and dreams. It’s a gift that they can cherish forever, a song that will always remind them of you and the love you share.

Moreover, a custom song is a unique and creative way to express your feelings. It’s a gift that truly comes from the heart, making it all the more special.

Our Custom Song Packages

Choosing to collaborate with us means diving into a world of musical possibilities. We proudly present two curated offerings: the ‘Acoustic Package’ for those seeking a raw, heartfelt sound, and the ‘Full-Production Package’ for a more immersive, grandiose experience. Dive deeper into each option here.

Starter Option: Acoustic Package

Our most budget-friendly choice, the Acoustic Package, delivers a soulful song with a minimalist touch, typically harmonizing piano and vocals or acoustic guitar and vocals.

Playing piano for acoustic package

What's Included in Our Acoustic Package for Personalized Songs:

Deluxe Option: Full Production Package

Elevate your musical journey with our Full Production package. Designed for those with a taste for opulence, this package layers multiple instruments to craft a sound that’s both majestic and emotionally resonant.

Full orchestra playing for the full production package

What's Included in Our Full Production Package for Custom Songs:

How to Get Started with Your Custom Song

Starting your journey towards a custom song is easy. Simply reach out to us, and we’ll set up a consultation to discuss your story and your vision for the song. We’ll guide you through the process, ensuring you’re involved every step of the way.

Creating a custom song is a beautiful journey, one that culminates in a melodic masterpiece that perfectly captures your emotions. So why wait?

Book your free Custom Song Consultation Call today!

Starting your journey towards a custom song is easy. Simply reach out to us, and we'll set up a consultation to discuss your story and your vision for the song. We'll guide you through the process, ensuring you're involved every step of the way. Creating a custom song is a beautiful journey, one that culminates in a melodic masterpiece that perfectly captures your emotions. So why wait? Book your free Custom Song Consultation Call today!

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